Stay safe with Android 10, Spy apps restricted!

Android is a very common & most used operating system for mobile phones worldwide. There are a lot of developers for android platform & opensource libraries compatible for the same. Many people want to monitor their spouse, children & employee’s life activity to avoid cheating & unethical nature. This can be possible by installing a malware or spy app on their phone, computer or similar gadgets.

Due to much usage & popular features available in the android series, it is the best market to sell tracking apps for spying others. Many apps have features to run as a backdoor i.e, Hidden Icon which doesn’t show in their mobile dashboard, background location tracking, WhatsApp chats, app notifications, SMS, Contacts, Call logs, Call recording & many more.

These features are actually used individually in all apps to play with user data & ease their service functionality. but combining these features make a great weapon for spying one. This makes an eye for online blackmailers because everything available online is vulnerable in some other way.

To avoid the misuse of functionalities, Android Authority has played the latest card to save its users preventing any spy app to use major dangerous functionalities. Android 10 has the latest update that prevents the use of hiding icon functionality, which means none of the spy apps will be able to hide its icon from the victim. Other than this, Call recording functionality is also disabled in the background to avoid spy call recorders. But, we can still record our calls by using the new built-in call recording functionality in the Android 10 (Q) version.

Simply the best way to stay safe is to stay technically updated on every device that you use to work & share social life online. Android 10 is the latest & safest version to have till date. #StayTuned with

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